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Ride Any Terrain, Any Time, At Any Speed

We are a British company, based in the Scotland, source the latest components worldwide and combine these with our ingenuity to bring the best technology to you at a price that offers unmatched value for money.

Lights made by Mountainbikers for Mountainbikers - Power, Endurance and Control

Our company was born out of our enthusiasm for night riding and our excitement about the newly available High Power LED technology - Both Marco and I have been mountain biking for many years in the cruel and dark depths of the Scottish winters! Night-Riding from about 1997 and using some of the best products available at the time we were disappointed with the performance of lights, so started developing superior products for our own use. Our numerous prototypes are rigourously tested, both in the field and under controlled environments. We now have a range of products that allows you to hurtle full-speed down a technical trail as if it were day.

We are proud to declare that we produce the World's Brightest Production Bike Light (and that it is fit for purpose! Bright, Wide Beam from a Long-Running & Robust Light) and also after nearly 10 years of development we can offer you the benefits of SpeedLED - automatic light control giving you a boost of light when you need it and conserving energy when you don't.

Both Marco and I have strong engineering backgrounds, predominately in the aerospace industry where leading edge technology is pushed to its limit in harsh environments. This knowledge and experience, paired with our passion for riding, was the perfect match for the development of the ultimate trail light.

Marco Miglionico - Technical Director (Contact Me)

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