What makes our lights the best available in the World?

Our design ethos at Full Beam is to make 'Fit For Purpose' lights that allow full on adrenaline packed night-time mountain biking at daylight speeds.

Massive Brightness - The whole purpose of the light is to illuminate the whole trail. We could focus our beams and win centre beam brightness tests in magazine reviews but we choose not to. With mountain biking, the fun comes with corners and technical features so all our lights have wide beams to illuminate these. On the subject of brightness, we quote the true output of our lights, not a theoretical output of the LEDs used in them. What we mean by this is that when we say 2500 Lumens, you will get this. If we claimed like some of our competitors do we could arrive at figures 20-30% more.

Long Run-Time - All our lights are designed to produce a very generous amount of light for an entire ride without you having to worry about running out of juice.

Robust & Durable - Our lights are fully sealed, fitted with IP67 rated connectors and switches, and are exceptionally strong. They are designed to withstand the demanding rigours of mountain biking, the dust, the mud, the rain, the knocks and bumps. If you go to remote places in the dark you want a light you can rely on, especially if you do have a tumble. The electronics in the lights and batteries are not only designed to optimise performance but also protect them too; the intelligent thermal management greatly increases the lifespan of the LEDs and allows them to operate at a greater brightness.

Lightweight - Our designs are optimised to reduce unnecessary weight but not to the detriment of performance. Our new light weighs 30% less and produces 50% more light than our nearest competitor.

Highly Convenient - Our lights are quick to charge, easy to fit and fully user configurable via a few presses and clicks of the button. You don't need to plug into a computer to reconfigure them. When was the last time you carried a Laptop whilst Mountain Biking?

Functionality over Style - The features of our designs originate from function, not style. Take for example the housing of an Night-Nemesis X12, specifically the gear-tooth style fins. They run along the length to conduct the heat more efficiently over the full light body, they increase surface area of the light massively to dissipate the heat, and in turn this removes unnecessary material to reduce weight plus their shape improves strength greatly. This design feature is protected by design registration 4018590 so is unique to Full-Beam.

Cost - All of our lights unashamedly use the best technology, materials and components available today which makes our systems comparatively expensive. People invest in a Full-Beam light in the knowledge that it offers value for money over the lifetime of ownership.