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Aussie Enduro Mag
"Perfectly balanced beam anything else, hands down" - X12

" boy is it bright! Forget the grossly exaggerated claims of cheap eBay lights. The Fusion is easily one of the brightest lights we’ve ever used, with excellent throw and width to the beam pattern" - Fusion SpeedLED

MBR Group Test 9/10
"SpeedLED turns night into day"
MBR ReviewMBR Review

What Mountain BikeWhat Mountain Bike
Easily the brightest Beam Shot on Test
"most powerful production light by far, and very reliable too"

Full Beam's Fusion with SpeedLED is MBUKs Most Wanted
"automatically punches ahead when you are blasting but reduces glare on slower or techy sections"
MBR Review

MBUK Jan 2011MBUK Jan 2011
Awarded MBUK's Most Wanted Title
"The beam on our standard pattern unit was broad and had a huge range"

Full Beam's Nightfire scores 9 out of 10 in MBR's review
"incredibly bright system, with impressive run time and sensible programmability"
MBR Review

MBUK Jan 2011MBUK Jan 2011
What Mountain Bike 4 star review
"Think Car Headlight on High Setting"

"Best High End Off Road Light"
MBUK Jan 2011

MBUK Jan 2011
MBUK Recommends Full Beam Bike Lights
"they give the illusion of having your own miniature sun attached to your bike"

Night-Nemesis burns brightly even in wet conditions!
Doddy gets a soaking while his Night-Nemesis burns brightly

MBUK Jan 2011
The beamshot from this review shows how flawed their scoring scheme was

Doddy Wages War on Winter with Full Beam lights
MBUK Jan 2011