SpeedLED Technology
The Speed led light


SpeedLED technology is a new LED driver system designed by Full Beam Ltd. It is being rolled out across all Full Beam products beginning with “Fusion” following years worth of testing and tuning.  In short, it is the single biggest advancement in bicycle light technology since the move from Nickel based batteries to Lithium and represents a ground-breaking step up in performance that will future proof the product for years to come.

 SpeedLED™ is based around a very simple idea conceived in 2003: It measures the speed of the bicycle and assesses the light required in real-time. There are many complex calculations implemented in SpeedLED™ to take the basic concept into something that works in the real world. It is also fully user configurable so the user can change the behaviour of the light. The light unit can, at any time, be switched to a conventional manual operation where the user can change the brightness via the rear button as per all current systems.


There are huge benefits with SpeedLEDTM as detailed below but the main driving force behind this concept is the relentless quest for much higher performance and lighter weight in the face of battery capacity that has reached its limits and LED efficiency that is approaching the maximum possible in a white emitter. SpeedLED™ enables a light to outperform the sum of its constituent parts.


·         It might seem a bizarre claim coming from a company that have made the brightest bike lights in the industry, but we have all been using too much light for our eyes under slower or less technical conditions. This is a very important point that needs explaining. In SpeedLED™ mode, good dark eye adaption is maintained at all times; the faster you go the further out you look as the light is ramping up in brightness. It normal systems you lose that dark eye adaption as generally the user has already slowed down before switching to medium or low power (if at all). So because your eyes always maintain this correct balance your light coverage always appears to be excellent. This is the hardest point to understand and best seen in actual use across a technical trail where your speed is changing rapidly e.g. from switchbacks to drops-ins to downhill.

·         As the LEDs run in a continuously variable mode they run far cooler than normal because they never get a chance to heat up too much. This means that the LEDs operate closer to their maximum brightness. It is well known that as LEDs heat up, the brightness can drop by up to 30-40% in some LED lighting systems where managing heat is normally the biggest challenge. This simply doesn’t happen with SpeedLED™ e.g. if the spec says 3000 lumens, you will get 3000 Lumens.

·         Because the LEDs operate at a cooler temperature their lifetime is greatly extended and they will maintain a higher brightness throughout their service life through reduced thermal stress.

·         Runtimes are also greatly extended as there is a lessened load on the battery and less voltage drop across the wires. This allows a smaller lighter package amenable to systems with integrated batteries. This in turn has benefits for the overall lifetime of the battery.

·         The system is ‘fit and forget’ in nature so the user need never think about changing power. Simply ride and SpeedLED™ will do all the rest. However if the user wishes, then the light can be used in a conventional manner with power settings changed from a single click of the button.

·         SpeedLEDTM is compatible with all current LEDs, both low and high current such as XP-G and XM-L.

·         Because of the programmability of SpeedLED™, it will be fully compatible with future LEDs and battery technology, paving the way for seamless upgrades.


  • Light output adjusts according to bicycle speed.
  • Smooth dimming on slowing down to give the rider’s eyes time to adjust.
  • Delayed reduction of light output to avoid dimming under temporary slow speed conditions.
  • User can reconfigure the light to change parameters such as a choice of 3 different maximum brightness speeds, linear or exponential light graph, ramp-down delay time amongst other settings.
  • Single click to full power for safety.
  • Ramp up has brightness ‘steps’ to give the user a clear indication of power increase.
  • Quickly move between SpeedLED™ and manual operation without turning the light off.

Awarded the Design Innovation Award at Enduro_MTB